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  • Nion 2532N3

  • Corner shower enclosure, glossy silver-colour profile

  • The Nion shower enclosure will give your bathroom a sense of clean and simple design. The square shower enclosure Nion measuring 800 x 800 mm with a height of 1950 mm we offer with 6 mm thick safety glass, which is available in: Artic decor or transparent. 550 mm radius. Aluminum frames, folding mechanism are from glossy shiny silver profiles, handles from chrome. The folding system with runners enables for more convenient maintenance, opening and closing of the corner. JIKA Perla Glass surface finish eases cleaning and prolongs product life, on the inner side. We provide an extended warranty of 5 years for Nion shower enclosures. Tested for 20,000 cycles.

  • Dimensions:
  • Length:

    1000 mm
  • Width:

    1000 mm
  • Height:

    1950 mm

Prices from EUR579.62

  • H2532N30026681 Silver/transparent glass

  • H2532N30026661 Arctic

    • Colours and options
    • H2532N30026661 Arctic

    • H2532N30026681 Silver/transparent glass

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