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  • Deep by Jika 43J612

  • Tall cabinet, 1 door left/right, 6 shelves

  • Dimensions:
  • Length:

    320 mm
  • Width:

    251 mm
  • Height:

    1700 mm

Prices from EUR218.44

  • H43J6121303001 White

  • H43J6121305141 Ash

    • Colours and options
    • H43J6121303001 White

    • H43J6121305141 Ash

    Deep by Jika

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    Bring a piece of nature to your bathroom! The new Deep by Jika series is based on extremely pleasant sensations evoked by touching smooth wood, as well as discreet and clean white colour tones, and crisp ash-tree or golden oak décor to caress your eyes. Marked rounding of the vanity unit creates a striking solitary piece in the bathroom, reminiscent of a giant tree in the middle of a forest.