Bathroom Mirrors and Illumination

Bathroom Mirrors and Illumination

Mirrors are an integral part of every bathroom, the role of which is not only highly practical, but also aesthetical because of their ability to make bathroom look larger and lighter.

Featuring a special anti-fog system, Clear mirrors collection appeal in a natural way - not just because it helps to get rid of time-consuming polishing! Clear series is complemented by illumination choices – lights Celina, Alena, Stella with its special power LED technology, or Viola with a 40 W. bulb, able to illuminate the space around mirror with its bright and pleasant luminescence. Such illumination will definitely find its place in compact panel building bathrooms without windows. Thanks to its safety protection IP44 it can be placed up to 60 cm from the bathtub. In addition, JIKA offers mirrors with built-in fluorescent or LED illumination through sandy surface to save a significant amount of energy.

Heating foils are recommended for mirrors, they prevent condensation of air humidity at mirror surfaces. While taking a bath or a shower, thus causing air humidity to temporarily increase, Clear mirrors do not get steamed up thanks to these foils, as the heating prevent condensation of air humidity at mirror surfaces. The principle is very simple (similarly to heated rear windows of a car) – mirror’s back panel is heated by means of a resistance wire placed on a self-adhesive foil and connected to power supply. This smart feature is offered in three sizes with a box for standard 230V power connection; thanks to IP44 protection degree, these foils can be built-in to ordinary mirrors of user-preferred size. The following sizes are available: 290x210 mm, 274x274 mm and 574x274 mm.


Bathroom illumination

JIKA mirror lighting units comply with stringent European standards IEC 364-7-701. Installation of the mains cable should be performed by a specialist electrician.



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