Cube, authentic symmetry

Cube, authentic symmetry

Cube bathroom series reflects on contemporary trends: clean, rectangular outlines of furniture and a noticeable washbasin with a smooth shelf. The beauty of simplicity, reachable.

However small, Cube collection is packed with attractive attributes ready to increase Bathroom functionality. A first mention is deserved by the ceramics, as vanity units feature five width sizes (from 45 to 65 cm) and come in two colour layouts, white varnished, or with the elegant dark oak decoration. Storage space is laid out by means of medium height vanity units installed one above the other, or by fully extendable drawers. The Cube washbasins may be 43 or 34 cm deep, depending on the placement of the faucet, either in midst of the back side or on the washbasin sides. In accordance with the washbasin type you can select the vanity unit with a drawer or with standard door, either with the white or oak layout. The Cube vanity unit's drawers are provided with high-quality hinges tested for 20,000 cycles.

The Cube washbasins,  advantageously contained in the 1+1 Pack together with the vanity unit, are packaged in a box, which both simplifies transport and provides a considerable discount overall.

For the pleasure of mixing stuff, a very recommended option remains completing your Cube set with the marked Clear series mirrors, as they fundamentally widen the optical perception of the bathroom's size.


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