It won't do without accessories

It won't do without accessories

Time to attune the bathroom! It's very simple; the tuning of bathroom interior is given by the basic shapes of the ceramics and furniture, balanced with each user needs and functionality.

JIKA is willing to share with you unvaluable tips and tricks in order to splash your Bathroom accompanying chic grace with a purpose. 

If we have a sufficient shelf on a washbasin and only low walls available, as it is typically in attic rooms, it is unnecessary to fix a soap dish anywhere at any rate. On the other hand, if a newspaper or hygiene supplies shelf cannot be placed at a toilet, a flat wire basket suspended on a wall can provide a solution. It is delightful that the accessories may be doubled and even tripled, according to the headcount. If there is enough space available, there's no problem for each family member to have his/her own towel hook, even a simple shelf.

Do not underestimate the choice of the bathroom accessories, they can solve you a number of petty hardships with setting away and storing all necessary items. The kind of selected accessories is related to other equipment of the bathroom. The bathroom accessories should provide ideal support to the functionality of furniture and ceramics. As regards the accessories, not only a general improvement of the bathroom, but also imaginative design is de rigueur nowadays.

The series of the Mio bathroom accessories bets on perfect workmanship. A marked detail is represented by the use of a ring for broad fixing on the wall or for an interesting ending of a towel hook. High quality for reasonable price, simple installation, and lovely design; right these are the Mio accessories. See through the sprawly offer of accessories and you will immediately come across what will suit you in your bathroom. Towel and bath towel rails, gratted trays, glass shelves, cup holders, soap dishes; all in sophisticated layout and high quality. Please, have in mind that without suitable accessories your bathroom will never look compact and you will miss something all the time. Make a proper job of the interior of your bathroom.


Advantages of the bathroom accessories:

Simple lines of the JIKA accessories underline the functionality and practicality of use, while they are a wonderful design detail. The combination of glass and chrome promotes a practical accessory to a design dainty, to a detail being a dot beyond a perfect piece.
•    Product design by Spanish designers
•    Made of high quality metal materials, i.e. of brass, stainless steel, zamac alloy
•    Quality chrome surface meets EN 248 requirements
•    Soap dishes, cups, WC trays, shelves made of pressed and float glass
•    10-year warranty
•    Products tested for the load: soap dishes, toilet roll holders, WC sets, hooks for 5 kg/24 h
•    glass shelves, towel and bath towel holders for 10 kg/24 h

As an important subset, the Universum Bathroom Accessories belonging to Universum collection, which is catering to barrier-free bathrooms, offer some convenient advantages, too:

•    High quality stainless steel, AISI 430, diameter: 28 mm, thickness: 1.5 mm
•    Simple to maintain, resistant and hygienic surface
•    Load capacity of handrails, seats: 120 kg (the material in which the product is anchored is the important factor)
•    Wide range of use in WC, in shower baths, bathtubs, etc.
•    30-year warranty

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