JIKA, my Bathroom, the thing for you!

JIKA, my Bathroom, the thing for you!

We've got a solution for any bathroom, whether in new constructions or in reconstructions, when bathrooms are thrown in the spotlight. You name it, JIKA has got it.

What does our advantage consist in? We offer, to the letter, a complete range; i.e. bathroom furniture, washbasins, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, faucets, toilet seats, bath screens, shower enclosures, special products, shower trays and bathroom accessories. Within JIKA range you will find ingenious design series adequate for both large spaces and for small bathrooms where every centimetre counts. It is only up to you and the layout of your interior.

In our design studios and production facilities we are still looking for new options and innovations, we introduce epoch-making novelties in technology and systems, we invariably consider comfort, ease, simple maintenance and long service life. We follow worldwide trends and react to them with creative invention.

What benefits will you find in JIKA? For example, your attention will be raised by the special surface treatment of the JIKA perla Ceramics, which makes maintenance easy and prolongs life of sanitary ware creations, or a glazed inside rim and toilet outlet Antibak, which prevents dirt from getting stuck. Dead certain, the SlowClose mechanism will get over you, which slows down the tilting of WC seats. To spare water when flushing, we have developed the Dual Flush system, and speaking about the long service life, we have got sound proofs for saying this. Our furniture is equipped with the highest quality door hinges tested for 20,000 to 30,000 open-close cycles.

With JIKA products, you can rely on their enduring quality supported by a tradition dating back to 1841. In the world of bathrooms we make it to the premier league and we very well perceive the needs and wishes of our customers. All our efforts are focused on the harmonized conjunction of functionality and design and wide choice of solutions to satisfy all customers.

The wide range of the JIKA brand will satisfy needs of both small and large bathroom. You can select from the design series that comprise everything, beginning from washbasins through shower enclosures, bathtubs, toilets, bidets, bathroom furniture, to faucets. Comfort of the JIKA bathrooms is underlined by their surface treatment, which makes maintenance easy, extends service life, and is left sparkling, permanent clean.The special JIKA perla Glass surface treatment is a help-mate in the care of perfectly clean bathroom. Water immediately runs off from the treated surface, drops do not stick and get dry, but they form a string of pearls, take dirt and scale with them and run to the outlet. Then, it will suffice to polish the surface dry by a mere cloth.

The main advantage of the JIKA bathrooms is their modern, but hundred-per-cent functional design. Individual bathroom sets underline a detail and, at the same time, they give scope for imagination, contingencies, and needs of each user. In the world of the JIKA bathrooms you will feel comfortable, safe, and easy.

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