My New Bathroom

My New Bathroom

So you want to design your new bathroom. In that case, you may use answers to the following questions as a guideline for plotting your bathroom to fulfill all your needs and expectations.

1. How many people are going to use the bathroom?

2. Are there any children living in the household?

3. Is the bathroom going to be used by seniors or physically-handicapped users?

4. Who is going to clean the bathroom?

5. Is the bathroom large enough, or does it lack space?


And do not forget: Even the smallest bathroom, if equipped with JIKA products, can be easily turned into an oasis of peace and relaxation. Bathroom selection is mostly a decision for many decades, often for a lifetime. As opposed to bedroom or living room restyling, radical bathroom or toilet changes usually require extensive construction works. Therefore, before you get down to such work while building a brand new bathroom or renovating the existing one, you should think over your requirements and the way your bathroom is going to be used. Not until then you should choose ceramics, furniture, faucets and other accessories. Invest your time into choosing optimum shapes and color combinations.


A bathtub or a shower enclosure?

Until recently it was quite unthinkable to design a bathroom without a bathtub, but current bathroom design mainly accentuates practicality, with equipment selection determined by the amount space available. If you can afford a room that is large enough, then you should opt for a comfortable and roomy bathtub, possibly with massage features. Where else should you dream, relax, or look for new inspiration? It is for sure that a good bathtub has always been the queen of every bathroom!

But when you are counting every centimeter, or if you need to consider safety of senior users, a modern shower enclosure fitted with a seat is a much more comfortable option. Even large shower enclosures can save a lot of space that can be utilized to install a bidet for example, or an extra washbasin to eliminate queuing of bathroom users on hectic mornings experienced by larger families. No matter what you choose, JIKA can offer several solutions for both options.

And what is more – glass surfaces are treated with special JIKA perla Glass surface finish, guaranteeing very simple cleaning. To extend JIKA perla Glass service life, you may use agents developed specifically for bathroom enclosures. We recommend using Clean All for regular surface cleaning at least once a month. It can easily remove limescale, soap and other deposits. The conditioner takes care of cleaning, disinfection, and partial renovation of water-repellent effect, thus extending the functional features of JIKA perla Glass surface. Being provided with such care, glass surfaces remain perfectly clear and shiny for many years.


WC in a bathroom?

While designing a new bathroom, an important decision must be made: should we place WC in a separate room, or directly in the bathroom? Both options have their pros and cons. If you can do without a separate WC with a small washbasin in a tiny room, placing WC directly in your bathroom, the whole result will definitely look roomier and classier. In addition, you will obtain additional space that can be used for a bidet or a bathtub, for example. Proper bathroom ventilation is a matter of course in all new buildings, so there should be no problem to place a toilet directly in your bathroom. On the other hand, a separate WC is ready to be used while your bathroom is occupied by another family member.


What are you going to choose?

JIKA bathroom sets offer various types of WCs – WC combination, the so-called Italian version of floorstanding WC, or a wallhung version. There are differences that are apparent at first sight, but various WC versions also differ in their dimensions, outlet connections, and the required wall bearing capacity.

Bathroom space can be saved in new buildings by hiding the cistern in a niche inside a massive wall in the case of wall-hung or “Italian” WCs. Concealed modules designed for wallhung toilets present an ideal solution for renovating tiny bathrooms and toilets in panel building apartments. These can be easily installed in bathrooms with riser ducts that contain all the necessary pipes and outlets. Thanks to adjustable side mountings they can be installed in places with the width from 800 to 1,100 mm. Grown men do not have to worry either – the maximum bearing capacity is 400 kg! WC height can also be adjusted to suit your needs.



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