Tigo, comfort in the details

Tigo, comfort in the details

Design washbasin, large-scale double washbasin, atypical shower enclosure, firmed bathtub, spacious shelves, enough of various cabinets with a luxury surface treatment. A bathroom to be dreamt.

It respects the sense for working up of every detail, it matches with various interior styles. The Tigo bathroom line is a colour wheel, from which you will, like a painter, create a master, timeless work for an extended family, demanding couple, as well as more modest space.

The offer of the Tigo washbasins starts with the asymmetric 45 x 24 cm small washbasin with the tilting vanity unit and ends with the double washbasin with a large-scale shelf. The modern Tigo washbasins, with the non-traditionally located faucet, only 38.5 cm deep, are offered by JIKA in the 56, 80, 100, and 125 cm widths, with differently wide shelves. In compliance with needs, the interior will be completed with a washbasin vanity unit or stainless siphon and a shelf of various colour designs, or functional, stainless towel holders.

The Tigo series bet on purity and elegance. Smooth surfaces of varnished vanity units are not disturbed by complicated fixtures that are finely located on the edges of drawers. Enough space is achieved not only by the tall suspended cabinet, but also by well-arranged, fully extendable drawers that are provided with a brake with silent stop. The maximum extension of a drawer thus facilitates access even to things placed in the drawer rear section. The drawers can be completed with functional metal sheet organizers for deposition of necessary odds and ends.        

Another user friendly issue of the Tigo series is represented by the integrated bathtub and shower. The ergonomically formed Tigo bathtub is 80 cm wide in the shower area; the rest is by 10 cm narrower, thus being able to easily fit in a smaller space. As an important detail we will underline its flat bottom in the wider section, which is important for a safe move, when taking a shower, and contrary to this, the ergonomically formed bathtub section to support lumbar backbone section. The bathtub is completed with a special screen of safety glass, which precisely traces its shape.        


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