The perfect world of Faucets

The perfect world of Faucets

Omnipresent in Bathrooms, sometimes so inconspicuous that may even go unnoticed, other times their design attracts at first glance. Faucets ignite the functionality and idea of Bathrooms.

The faucets hold a firm position among JIKA solutions. You will find them within individual bathroom series, such as Tigo, Deep by Jika or Cubito. But also in self-contained lines, namely Nariva, Dino and Talas. They are in very good harmony and accord with the Rio shower accessories. Also selling are sensor-based or thermostatic mixers, which will increase the comfort of any bathroom. 

Telescopic shower column, being part of JIKA Lyra series, with handshower and rain showerhead is suitable for all bathroom users. The shower column can be shifted by up to 40 cm as for height anytime to provide adequate space to real six-footers. The luxury rain head looks magnificent and the pleasant downpour effect is just plainly enjoyable. You do not have to worry about increased water consumption; we always have in mind the economic operation of JIKA faucets. The handshower enables the classic, fine water spray, central or massage stream, up to the user's taste.

Are there small children in your home and are you worried so that they wouldn't get scalded? Are you tired of repeated setting of required temperature? If this is the case, you will appraise the thermostatic shower or bathtub mixers, JIKA Mio, with the integrated Safety stop push-button for simple and safe shower. The main advantages of the thermostatic mixers are: the rapid setting of required temperature, its maintaining even on water pressure variations, safety, and economic operation.

They are in perfect harmony with the existing series, thus you can simply exchange older faucets for the new ones any time.
The basis for the wide and various offer is a shape variation and diversified layouts. The most up-to-date shapes are brought about by the faucet lines, Mio-N and Deep by Jika, as well.

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