Storage capacity, done smart

Storage capacity, done smart

Even there where it's to spare space, JIKA will help you to set up a timeless, cosy, and, perfectly functional bathroom. Particularly including storage space, always necessary.

It is necessary to digest a huge number of various dishes, boxes, tubes, and other hygienic things, towels, bath towels, as well as, for example, dirty clothes baskets. All JIKA furniture series are well adapted to these needs. Vanity units offer storage space in otherwise totally non-utilizable place around the siphon; atypical corner cabinets provide practical purpose to the smallest possible nook; shelves hidden beyond a mirror provide enough space for common petty daily hygiene items irrespective of the room's dimensions. And tall cabinets, the basis of which can consist of a tilting basket for dirty clothes, do not require too much space, either.

A bigger-size bathroom will then be purposefully completed by, for example, tabourets with storage bay under the seat, cabinets with fully extendable drawers, or vanity units under double washbasins with space dividers.

The cabinet drawers move on fully extendable travels that are, among others, provided with a brake with silent stop. The maximum extension facilitates access to things placed in the drawer's rear space.

The Tigo furniture may be completed with metal organizers, for the storage of necessary petty items, that are installed right to the inside part of the washbasin drawers or on the doors of tall cabinets. The three-section organizer is suitable only for the tall, two-compartment cabinets.



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