Solution for small bathrooms

Solution for small bathrooms

Small space does not necessarily mean limitations of our plans. The ingeniously designed Tigo bathroom set spares every valuable centimetre and brings uncommon design solutions.

The Tigo line offers a well-designed bathroom furniture, washbasins and other equipment, used particularly in small and narrow bathrooms. Due to a suitable selection of equipment, even from a small space you will conjure up a fully functional and aesthetic bathroom, which will serve to its purpose and in which you will feel well. The Tigo bathroom set proves that even a small bathroom does not have to produce a narrow effect. The ingeniously designed bathroom set spares every valuable centimetre and brings uncommon design solutions where we need them most.

The Tigo washbasins profit from their asymmetric shape due to which they fit even to the smallest bathroom. The Tigo washbasins, as well as the small washbasins of the Tigo line, can be bought in a set, together with a vanity unit. A functional vanity unit will hide everything necessary and the brightly designed fittings do not limit free movement in the bathroom. The advantageous bathroom plus vanity unit set spares space and, moreover, its price is very favourable. You will enjoy the Tigo bathroom furniture due to its light and playful concept. The vanity units may be selected in cream, white, and cream/white colours, or in the more marked mocha and fresh green tints.

The atypical shower enclosure, Tigo, is an absolutely solitary offer on the market. It will solve narrow, longer spaces, the layout of which cannot be changed even under demanding reconstructions. Due to their special JIKA perla Glass surface treatment you can enjoy their very easy maintenance. The shower enclosure can be completed with a functional shower column from Lyra collection, with a wallhung faucet, switch, and shifting shower holder with height setting.

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