Straight-line Geometry in your Bathroom

Straight-line Geometry in your Bathroom

The straight-line geometry is one of in the present trends design and equipment of bathrooms. The Cubito line of bathroom furniture, washbasins, and other equipment embodies highly functional and plain stylish bathrooms.

The Cubito concept is characterized by simple shapes and outlines embroidered by the use of quality materials and perfect processing. Cubito is an ideation that will not weary; moreover, now it is completed with the new Cubito-N furniture and faucet line. The innovated furniture has even more straight, simpler design, and it naturally fits to the dimensions of the Cubito washbasins. Vanity units and drawers feature no grips, they utilize the push to open function, i.e. opening by a mere push.  The fresh line also brings about new colour layouts and even higher quality of surface.

Cubito washbasins score most points due to its simplicity. The large-scale diversity of dimensions and layouts is the immense benefit, and so Cubito ceramics can thus be applied in airy spaces of large bathrooms, the same as in limited metres or in attics. Asymmetric washbasins are a timely trend when designing bathrooms in atypical rooms. The CUBITO washbasin, 75 cm wide, with the left or right shelf ideally utilizes every centimetre. Winners are also double washbasins that provide comfort during the morning traffic in the bathroom.

The variable layout of the Cubito-N bathroom furniture offers nearly unlimited options in combining various types of vanity units and of their surface layouts. It's not only the fans of the pure white elegance that will come into their own. Corpses with the dark pine tree or with the pale oak variant layout will provide your bathroom its drive. The both decors are modern, featuring the structure and depth of a real solid wood. Vanity units establish sufficient storage space and their uncommon design is thus completed with pure functionality. This is also confirmed by a quality drawer travel with full extension and shut-down brake.

Please, have a look at the offer of the complete line and find out what creative options does Cubito offer. Try out the new releases designated Cubito-N, for example the new vanity units or the extra slim shower head with rain effect. With Cubito equipment your bathroom will be unique, original, and novel attractive.


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