Pure bathroom series, Timeless elegance

Pure bathroom series, Timeless elegance

Enduring lines of the time to come are expressed by the Pure series, JIKA magnificent novel collection. Elegant layout of toilets with thin design of toilet seats set up a balanced unit.

The Pure line seats pride themselves by the most up-to-date appearance on the current market. They are light and unique due to the top cover not overlaying the seat. The SlowClose variant with the slow-down closing system is available as well. Moreover, steel quick fasteners facilitate easy detach in the place of fixing. One compression will suffice to release the seat, which facilitates very easy and, particularly, perfect cleaning.

Fully covered Pure-line toilet may be purchased in the floorstanding or wallhung layouts. In both cases it is not only interesting at sight, but primarily it provides unexpected comfort. It was designed on the basis of experience with the design of the most enjoyable chairs. Both toilets are planned for a height of 43 cm above the floor. Thus, they take into consideration the older generations - people with possible motion limitations - yet at the same time are arranged to the growing height of the population - the average european has become taller by full 10 cm over the last century. Both toilet concepts have bonneted outlets hidden so as not to be seen either from above, nor from the floor level. The full bonnet looks not only interesting but it also substantially simplifies the maintenance of the bathroom.

JIKA also offers functional washbasins and other bathroom furniture. The washbasins can be situated on a shelf, completed with a vanity unit, or simply hang on a wall and completed with a chrome-plated siphon. If you select a washbasin, or a double countertop washbasin with an asymmetrically placed faucet, space saving will become a matter of fact. Moreover, the luxurious look of the Pure line furniture, with fine-spun chrome-plated fixtures, made-to-measure, set up an elegant combination, together with the white ceramics, which fits to any bathroom. You can tune up the bathroom with wall and floor tiles that will harmonize it to the last detail.


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