Ambient creation by producing remarkable Furniture

Ambient creation by producing remarkable Furniture

Wide choice of colors and finishes, coupled with evolving design which balances usability and style: an outstanding bathroom atmosphere delivered

When it comes about fitting out a bathroom, furniture makes the difference, at least for perception. The way someone feels a bathroom space is silently tied to the shapes, colors and overall layout represented by chosen pieces of furniture. In this sense, JIKA allows options for the many. From a genuine urban flair bathroom, to the likeable simplicity in décors and gentle shapes, the smartly placed closets that make a smaller bathroom big; or the blinks to nature, such as peacefully white surfaces or rustic-charming vanity units that appeal straight to the country life. This vast spectrum of possibilities aims to provide something to everybody’s taste and aspirations.

But once the idea has been dreamt, technology, expertise and dedication must compound to make it happen. And it happens as follows.

High moisture resistance of JIKA bathroom furniture is guaranteed by the use of high-quality bonding agents. PUR brand bonding materials are applied to furniture bodies and ABS edges; in addition, other bonding agents being used are more effective, and often up to 8 times more expensive than ordinary bonds used in the production of low-cost furniture. ABS edges are made from the material highly resistant to mechanical damage. Maximum loading capacity of cabinet hinges is 150 kg.

It might be hard to believe that door hinges of the renowned brand Hettich guarantee up to 150,000 open-close cycles; door and drawer soft-close systems are of the same quality. Furniture bodies with minimum thickness of 18 mm are made from LTD (laminate/particle board) material by Egger. Thanks to higher density of particle board, this material demonstrates higher bending strength and provides firmer attachment of screws, plus it does not release any formaldehyde. Particle board surfaces are covered by laminate foil 100 g/m2 thick, which does not show through, demonstrating high resistance to abrasion.

Front faces of varnished drawers and cabinets are made from MDF boards covered by five-layer varnish; high-gloss PUR varnish (90–97 deg. lustre) does not release any formaldehyde either. Before applying varnish, all components are first impregnated and smoothed. Thanks to UV filters used at production, varnished surfaces do not age or get yellow. Cubito, Deep by JIKA and Lyra plus furniture doors are inspected three times during the manufacturing process to guarantee the best quality. Checks are performed after varnishing, during cabinet assembly, and prior to product packaging. All potential defects are removed by manual smoothing.

Glass door inserts are made from hardened security glass; baked décor technology is employed to manufacture decorated doors from the Cubito set. Mirrors are coated with foils that prevent disintegration of a broken mirror into small sharp pieces.

Bathroom lights meet all safety regulations and European standards; thanks to high-protection standard (IP 44), lights can be fitted merely 60cm from the bathtub.


Ordinary furniture fares badly when tested versus JIKA attributes. Namely:

• Ordinary furniture by other brands:
Laminate foil, specific weight of 70 g/m2. Three-layer varnish based on acidic solvent, releasing harmful formaldehyde, apparently lower lustre – not more than 70 deg. ABS edges with the thickness of 0.5mm are bonded by means of ordinary fuse bond that loses its effect after 10-hour soaking in water.

• JIKA furniture creations:
Laminate foil, specific weight of 100 g/m2. Five-layer PUR varnish demonstrating high lustre (90–97 deg.), free of formaldehyde, contains UV filters. ABS edges with the thickness of 2mm and 0.8mm, bonded by top quality PUR bonding agent.