Jewels on the crown, faucets become bright shining details

Jewels on the crown, faucets become bright shining details

So far the latest development of our portfolio, top-notch faucets are now assembled by JIKA, sparkling prominent yet elegant appearance. They make up for the ultimate details in the bathroom

Details define the impressions, this remains also true for bathrooms and bathroom planning. To fulfill the role of dotting the space with brilliance and minimalistic perfection, JIKA relies on the newer collection of faucets, spanning options for washbasins, showers and bathtubs. Sophisticated at the micro level, even complex inside, JIKA faucets ease hygiene, maintenance and installation. Most of them match very nicely more than one of our bathroom series, thus boosting the possibilities to personalize the bathroom to your liking. 

Running semiautomatic lines for the assembly of the faucets feature productive capacity up to 220,000 pieces on yearly basis. Assembly of every piece is accompanied by very demanding quality controls, beginning as early as of the entry of individual components into the process.

The Quality department controls all deliveries of components, using the most advanced devices, as are X-Ray Fischerscopes to measure thickness of individual layers of galvanized surfaces and to determine the composition of the basic material of the faucet body, a profile projector to measure details of the smallest components, various gauges and, last but not least, a salt-spray cabinet to simulate the kind of extreme environment affecting used materials. Each faucet is tested by means of an air testing device, random samples undergo even a water test. Quality of the products is indisputable; therefore most of them are marketed with an extended warranty period topping five years.

Faucet bodies and ceramic cartridges have been developed and are made in the Roca plants in Spain, Portugal, and in China. Other components are delivered by worldwide leading manufacturers: Tucai stainless connection hoses (Spain), Neoperl aerators and backflow valves (Germany). To store these components, a sophisticated Kardex storage system is used. An integral part of the production process is also a laser generating the JIKA logotype on control levers and on handshowers.

Certification in compliance with ISO 9001 guarantees the highest possible level of the reached product standards. Again, the company's certification complying with ISO 14001 proves the thorough application of environmentally-friendly processes.