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  • Modul H894651

  • Basic WC system compact for wall-hung toilets

  • For wall-hung WCs designed for wall installation, walling-in required, Single or Dual Flush push-button (not included).Depth of 8 cm, designed for wall-mounting with a pre-wall system, simple attachment to the wall, the cistern is anti-dew insulated, frame suitable for walling in, silent inlet valve, push-buttons can be replaced as requested, various flushing options 2/4 litres, 3/4.5 litres or 3/6 litres, an insulated elbow to protect from dew formation at the module and water pipes, structure load-carrying capacity of 400 kg, outlet elbow DN 90/110, Note: the concealed module flushing is factory-set to 3/6 litres.