About us

About us

History of brand JIKA

The production of ceramics in Znojmo, southeastern Czech Republic, started in the 19th century, thus regarded as the oldest in continental Europe. Back then, the figural and decorative elements produced were a much celebrated testament to the remarkable skills of the local craftsmen. Shortly after 1920, the very same specialists pioneered again in the continent by making kiln-fired washbasins, bathtubs and sinks. To date, JIKA creations are manufactured in two Czech factories, located in the towns of Bechyně and long-standing Znojmo.

With the 1991 acquisition by with the Swiss company LAUFEN Bathrooms, technical and operational upgrades were ignited and sanitary ceramics product lines witnessed remarkable expansion. A combination of in-house design, natural materials and state-of-art technologies for processes define JIKA products in a very genuine way, as the internationally considered ISO 9001 quality certification earned proofs.

JIKA is the opportunity to afford a complete Bathroom that couples singular European legacy in design with contemporary technology. High quality, perfect functionality and a comprehensive solution portfolio across price ranges round up our brand’s proposal.

1878 – The first European ceramics factory for the production of sanitary ceramics is built in Znojmo,
              nowadays southeastern Czech Republic
1961 – A new sanitary ceramics factory is built in Bechyně, enabled by then cutting-edge capabilities
              Denominated Jihočeská keramika, “JIKA” resulted as a portmanteau of its name
1991 – Jihočeská keramika is privatized by the Swiss manufacturer Keramik Holding LAUFEN
1995 – LAUFEN acquires Keramické závody Znojmo, the firm then owning the historical factory
1999 – Keramik Holding LAUFEN gets acquired by the Spanish company Roca Sanitario,
             giving birth to the current World leader in the production Bathroom solutions: the Roca Group
1999 – LAUFEN CZ s.r.o., CEE subsidiary to Laufen Bathrooms, is established and headquartered in Prague,
             in charge of setting brand JIKA strategies
2004 – Innovative touch-points with the public and stakeholders are set up. Laufen Prague Gallery opens its gates.
              A little museum with the sophistication of technical fairs and the vibrancy of the regular cultural events held there.
              Plumbing professionals, distributors and others gather at the Training and Information Centre in Znojmo,
              truly a brand University where all possibilities of JIKA products are shared.
2012 – Portfolio extension unfolds as an assembly line of faucets launches in Znojmo
2013 – The scope of JIKA offer reaches its current breadth when furniture production kicks off
2018 – 140 years since the foundation of the factory in Znojmo








The policy of LAUFEN CZ (pdf)