Guarantee service

Warranty service in the Czech Republic

Warranty conditions:

1. The customer (purchaser, assembly company or end user) is obligated to thoroughly examine the product upon purchasing it at the shop and prior to assembly. Claims made on already assembled products with apparent defects and products with flawed shades of colour will not be accepted.

2. The warranty does not apply to damages incurred by not adhering to the instructions stated in the assembly instructions for the respective product.

3.The warranty does not apply to damages incurred to the product by the customer, transport, improper handling or incorrect storage of the product, incorrect assembly, unsuitable use or improper treatment or maintenance and the penetration of impurities into the product

4.Steel bathtubs and trays must be installed so that they can be removed in the upwards direction after they have been walled-in. LAUFEN CZ does not compensate expenses related to damaged wall tiles, floor tiles or walls, which can be incurred upon disrespecting this provision.

5.Only suitable cleaning agents may be used to clean the products.

6.Any claims are to be resolved by the customer with the vendor, where the product being claimed was purchased or with an authorized service centre.

 7.The warranty period comes into effect upon the customer’s acceptance of the product (shall be specified by the vendor on this certificate of warranty). In the case that the purchased product is to be installed by a contractor other than the company selling the product (assembly company), the warranty period shall enter effectiveness from the date the product is installed, provided the customer has ordered installation within three weeks of accepting the product at the latest.
It is not possible to file a claim without proof of purchase or this certificate of warranty.


Guarantee card for Download (pdf)