Laufen CZ Brings Inspiration to the Aqua-Therm Praha Trade Show

Laufen CZ introduced new items for its Jika and Laufen brands at the largest trade show for building technical equipment (TZB) in the Czech Republic, which took place from March 1 – 4, 2016 at the PVA EXPO facility in Letnany, Prague. Visitors from the professional community familiarized themselves in detail with JIKA products and their mechanisms.


JIKA in EXPO 2015

Expo 2015 is taking place in Milan, Italy, up and running till the end of October. It is a very special event, not only because of its huge clout – the organization is expecting more than 20 million visitors over the period, the area is as sparse as 1,1 million sq. meters and more than 140 countries are contributing with their own pavilions -. Guided by the motto “Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life”, hundreds of companies will be showing the innovations and capabilities to reach a World able to produce enough food in adequate and safe conditions for everyone, while at the same time guaranteeing the sustainability of our fragile ecosystems. JIKA is linking itself to this purpose by marketing exigent water-saving technologies in our portfolio.


EXPO 2015 Fitted out in JIKA Brand Colours

The Laufen CZ company is a partner of EXPO 2015. The Universal Exposition’s motto, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, which greatly emphasizes the careful use and conservation of life-giving water, is in perfect harmony with the focus of the entire product line of this traditional maker of bathroom furnishings. Laufen CZ’s JIKA brand is outfitting the Czech pavilion not only with sanitary ceramics but also with ceramic floor and wall tiles a new offering in the brand’s product range. During EXPO 2015 the JIKA brand is also the presenting the work of young designers arising from the JIKA ART project.