The JIKA brand offers its products as BIM objects.

The JIKA brand offers its products as BIM objects. In the library of BIM objects on the portal you can download JIKA’s BIM objects for Revit and ArchiCAD.

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, allows architects, engineers, contractors and building managers to share information during the planning and construction phases of a building. BIM offers new, faster and better ways to plan building exteriors and interiors through software, and can be implemented during the entire process.

As a market leader in sanitary technology and high-quality hygienic products, the ROCA group has long supported the development of Building Information Modelling technology. On our strategic partner’s website,, you can download hundreds of our products.

A BIM object is the primary means for storing product information. You can imagine it as a virtual 3D model of a building in which every single element – from tiles, faucets and sinks to an entire bathroom – is specified in some way. Powerful software loads images of projections, section views and plans of our sanitary products and allows professionals to work with them interactively as early as the planning stage of a building. In some countries, the use of BIM is required by law for public tenders.

We understand the importance of Building Information Modelling for the future of the construction industry. BIM allows buildings to go up faster and for less expense. Products from JIKA are clearly presented on the website and may be downloaded after a quick and simple user registration. BIM is an important evolutionary step in the business of building.