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  • Modul H895651

  • Basic WC system for wall-hung toilets

  • The concealed module BASIC WC SYSTEM is designed for wall-hung toilets for wall mounting with the need for walling. The increasingly popular maintenance-free modules can be used, for example, in the complete reconstruction of a prefabricated bathroom or in the installation of any type of toilet. There are a total of 8 variants of concealed systems with a load capacity of 400 kg, which are fully compatible with all free-standing and wall-mounted Jika toilets. The flush valve is universal, it allows the subsequent exchange of the Start-Stop button for Dual Flush (not included). The tank is insulated against condensation, quiet operation of the filling valve, insulated elbow to prevent dewing of the module and waterways, waste elbow DN 90/110, flushing options 2/4l, 3/4,5l and 3/6l. We provide a 5-year warranty on concealed modules and free customer service within 5 days!