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  • Modul H893607

  • Waste sink system

  • The concealed module PRO WASTE BASIN system with a self-supporting steel frame with anchoring to the ground and to the rear wall is designed for the Mira wallhung sink (H851049); subsequent prediction in the range of 15-75 mm. Possibility of adjustable the final height of the sink and the final height of the water supply connection. Angle valve with a fixed water inlet through cistern wall; new outlet valve. The module offers a Single or Dual Flush button, which must be ordered separately. The flush valve is universal, allowing the buttons to be replaced at any time during use. The load capacity of the module is up to 400 kg. Faucets and sink are not part of the sink module; must be ordered separately. We provide a 5-year warranty on the concealed module.

  • Dimensions:
  • Width:

    525 mm
  • Height:

    1460 mm