135 Years of Production in Znojmo

Ditmara ceramics factory, the first of its kind in Europe, was established in Znojmo in 1878 by the former captain of the imperial Austro-Hungarian army, dr. Rudolf Ditmar. The factory produced namely chinaware and majolica.

As much as a quarter-century after the founder’s death (in 1920), the owners of the newly established company Ditmar-Urbach started production of washbasins, bathtubs and sinks made of fire-clay. Upon transferring the factory to state ownership in 1945, “Keramické závody Znojmo” was established, becoming one of the most up-to-date enterprises in the region. Keramik Holding Laufen, which already owned Jihočeská keramika in Bechyně, became the new owner of Keramické závody Znojmo in 1995. JIKA, a new brand of sanitary ceramics, was registered in the same year (the name comes from “JIhočeská keramiKA”).

Roca of Spain took over Keramik Holding Laufen in 1999, and JIKA – thanks to acquisitions of its mother company – has become a part of the largest manufacturer of sanitary ceramics in the world. Laufen CZ s. r. o. has represented Roca and its brands Roca, Laufen and Jika in the Czech Republic since 1999.