Sensor faucets, convenient Tech

Sensor faucets, convenient Tech

Sensor-type mixers cap water consumption at 6 liters per minute. A scanning zone, with the water supply turn-off mode activated within 0.25 to 8 seconds as of hand removal does the job.

Maximum hygiene must combine with convenience and efficiency, let alone simplicity and comfortable use for the public. Intelligent electronics with automatic setting in accordance with ambient conditions, namely Auto Sensor tech, enables great hygienical conditions in busy Bathrooms which may cater to hundreds of users every day, given that it reacts on hands in the scanning zone to a distance of 30 cm from the sensor, by instant turn-on of water. On the contrary, it is turned off after the lapse of the set period of time as of removal of hands (0.25 to 7.75 seconds) and, as a safety function, water-flow eventually turns off after 5 minutes. Both the setting of water turn-off and the option to switch-off the sensor by a remote control device are available. Two power supply options range from a 24 V DC net, to a 6 V battery (4 x 1.5 V AA battery), with battery charge monitoring in the battery supplied variant.

In this same sense, energy savings, plus flow a water flow rate capped at 6 liters per minute, and aerators manufactured by Neoperl in Germany add up to right offering, rounded up with a 5 year warranty.

When it comes to medical facilities, a safety selection is carried out in order to prevent Legionella from spreading out.


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