Rimless revolution for toilets

Rimless revolution for toilets

A perfectly clean WC is a basic requirement when using the toilet. A significant step in this sense is system Rimless, in which the absence of the rinsing circuit allows top cleanliness. With Rimless, JIKA delivers an upgrade in hygiene unparalleled in the Bathroom industry.

For some things, we should not put up with the average: they simply must be perfect. This is true even for the hygienic conditions of toilets, exactly what revolutionary system Rimless delivers. The Rimless system is available for the series JIKA Dino and JIKA Mio and is the ideal solution for those who demand perfect cleanliness, uncompromising hygiene and ease of maintenance.

The Rimless breakthrough with the innovative design of the toilet without rinsing circuit is currently the bestselling item in its category. As dirt and impurities have no chance to make sedimentary deposits,  the maintenance thus gets even simpler. The absence of crinkles and hollow spaces means that there is no place for dirt accumulation and bacteria. With the Rimless technology, you will save a plenty of time and cleaning products while significantly increasing the level of hygiene. Further improvement of the hygiene in your toilet may be achieved by acquiring the thermoplast seat with the Dino cover, featuring an antibacterial treatment.

Look at the specific tips: the hanging closet JIKA Mio Rimless offers a new design together with the new Rimless technology. In addition, the Dual Flush system together with a sophisticated design of the toilet allow you a significant water savings. For a small flush, you need only 3 litres of water and for a large flush only 4.5 litres. 

Owning a JIKA WC with Rimless technology really pays off. You choose the certainty of taking another important step to maintain the hygiene of your toilet, and profit from modern technologies for the best possible equipment of your bathroom and toilets. 

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