Toilets that exceed expectations

Toilets that exceed expectations

The current offer makes the toilet unexpectedly attractive. The advent of new technologies revived the interest of designers and peripheral issues became a full-fledged theme.

The current offer of closets and bidets makes the toilet unexpectedly attractive. Nowadays, you may definitely demand more than just basic hygienic functions. The WC is an integral part of a well-equipped bathroom or of a separate toilet. The right choice is characterized by an elegant and high quality design and technologies that deliver an excellent user's experience.

Your toilet will no longer be an ordinary one if you choose one of our JIKA WCs. You can choose between wall-hung as well as floorstanding toilets. Creations among Pure series represent precise lines with a clean avant-garde flair. An elegant design of closets and new slim seats perfectly complement each other and together form a balanced whole. The Pure series seats boast about the latest appearance and rightly occupy a leading position in nowadays marketplace. They are lightweight and exceptional because their top cover does not overlap the seating part. Olymp Deep by JIKA closets and seats provide the same benefits in a different, countryside chic design.

JIKA closets are provided with a sophisticated and safe mechanism, Slowclose, that slows folding of the seat and the seat cover. Just gently graze the seat and it will quietly and slowly touch down the toilet bowl. Keyless steel handles allow for easy disconnection of the attachment point. Just one push down and the seat can be effortlessly withdrawn, which allows for very easy and thorough cleaning.
The use of the Dual Flush enables the most economic use of water during flushing. For a perfect flush, you need a volume of only 3 to 4.5 litres of water, both amounts selectable with the push-button. Given that the average normal flush involves taking up to 8 litres of water, it is really a significant saving.
The use of technology Antibak provides a guarantee of uncompromising hygiene without bacteria. The antibacterial treatment of the top of JIKA seats is normally performed on all offered articles. The seating material is enriched with ionic silver particles embedded with persistent antibacterial and anti-mycotic effect.

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