Water conservation at your fingertips with Dual Flush

Water conservation at your fingertips with Dual Flush

Drinking water represents an extremely scarce resource in many places all over the World. Dual Flush mechanism is JIKA's contribution to tackle this problem every time you use your toilet.

Costly and scarce drinking water is actually used for all purposes in our households. It runs through faucets into washbasins, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, showers and bathtubs, and it is also used to flush toilets and urinals in public settings. Freshwater is thus wasted regularly without notice in the majority of cases. Flushing is no doubt the most evident example: toilets from the old days, still quite prevalent,  actually suppose wasting 12 litres (perhaps 9 litres in some exceptional cases) of water per flushing. 

Dual Flush push buttons claim the technical workmanship that distinguishes JIKA. As a flow flushing system striving for responsible fershwater consumption, users may choose among a 4.5 or a mere 3 litres water volume options, therefore complying with the most stringent recommendations in place, and even going beyond the demanding EU regulations.

Anyway, as many as 1.2 billion people are suffering from inadequate supply of drinking water on a regular basis, in addition to the 2.8 billion who are struck by this lack at least one month each year.


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