Breakthrough in Hygiene with JIKA perla

Breakthrough in Hygiene with JIKA perla

The basis of good health is an adequate level of hygiene: JIKA perla and JIKA perla Glass are surface treatments, targeting ceramics and glass, able to bring cleanliness to new heights.

Exceptional hygienic conditions could not only be a wish, they might become a fact. Regarding ceramic surfaces, JIKA perla features a water-repellent finish, thus preventing depostion of dust and scale. Nature provided some nice inspiration for this characteristic, as designers were inspired by the queen among flowers: the rose. Like on rose petals, water on this surface gets bundled into little drops quickly rolling off the surface. Once a stream of water is available, just repolishing the surface of your washbasin, toilet or bidet with a wet mop from time to time is enough for JIKA perla to bring along top cleanliness, sparing you endless and tiresome bathroom chores. Ready to be implemented on a number of JIKA products, this water-resistant surface treatment is applied before the baking of the sets, being also flexible for both outer and inner washbasin surfaces. When it comes to toilet bowls and urinals, JIKA perla is only used on external surfaces, as its application on the inner parts of both items would result in less efficient rinsing. Take a word of caution and beware that no abrasive cleaning agents are used for cleaning surfaces treated with JIKA perla benefit. JIKA perla treatment is offered for sanitary ware pieces belonging to series Pure, Mio, and Cubito, elegant collections edging up Bathrooms atmosphere.



As part of newly released innovations, this surface treatment has been enlarged in its scope, to also cover for glass surfaces. Therefore, fresh shower enclosures within Pure series, plus modernized bath screens of Mio, Cubito and even Tigo sets may be produced with JIKA perla Glass features, granting state-of-the-art hygiene on wellness areas. 


image005Surface with JIKA perla GLASS treatment.






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