Tigo Bathroom series by JIKA, a singular solution for small and not so small Bathrooms

Tigo Bathroom series by JIKA, a singular solution for small and not so small Bathrooms

Designed by Michal Janků to make the most out of very small bathrooms. With its playful appearance, it solves the practical use of space, evokes harmony and a sense of indulgence.

The Tigo series is distinguished by its enduring elements, also the quality and the ease of maintenance.
Lots of small prefab bathrooms, quite common in European housing estates, wait for needed reconstruction. Once you begin to reconstruct your bathroom, you should come to realize that the bathroom is not only a utility room and a depot for storing cleansers. Likewise other rooms, the bathroom is a living part of the apartment in which we spend a lot of time. The JIKA Tigo collection can cleverly deal with any space. For example, most prefab bathrooms do not allow putting the toilet and washbasin together into one room. The Tigo series offers the shortest WC combination and practical basin with cabinet set.

The modern trend dictates to combine the toilet with bathroom. High cabinets on the toilet provide space for storing odds and ends. Therefore, connecting the bathroom with toilet makes sense if the toilet does not accommodate small washbasin.

A choice between a bathtub and shower enclosure is the most common dilemma when preparing a reconstruction. Michal Janků, JIKA's head of architecture and desing, designed an ergonomically shaped bathtub, which is complemented with a practical bath screen, so it could cope with that limitation. The Tigo bathtub is thus a sophisticated compromise between the bathtub and shower in both small and not very spacious bathrooms.

You can enjoy a comfortable showering with plenty of space even in a small bathroom thanks to the asymmetric shower enclosure Tigo. A unique size of 80 x 100 cm is the optimal solution for the utilization of the narrow and long bathroom space that cannot be rebuilt. A ceramic tray with Antislip feature or a classic smooth finish may be put into the shower enclosure. JIKA offers choice between two types of glass, i.e. a transparent or arctic - through which only a silhouette of the body is visible. The glass finish JIKA perla Glass enables easy maintenance.

The asymmetric washbasin Tigo embellishes the bathroom while providing an additional storage area. The washbasin does not take up much space in the bathroom and is available in widths of 65, 80 and 100 cm and with depth of only 38.5 cm. A fight for space in front of the mirror will be finished by the Tigo double washbasin in width of 125 cm and depth of 38.5 cm. A generous ceramic piece, which offers plenty of comfort even in a narrow bathroom, attracts in ways mopre than one, but mainly by its clean design lines.
Washbasins can be supplemented with a shelf or cabinet, or with a practical handle for towels. Cabinets are offered in four colours - white, cream, mocha and lively bright green. The pull-up drawers provide a complete overview of everything you save inside. A series of bathroom cabinets can be combined with medium or high cabinet underlining the innovative design of your new bathroom. Smooth surfaces of painted cabinets are kept neat without handles.

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